Your resource for Arctic National Wildlife Refuge 1002 Area data management and GIS.

At Resource Data, we believe in open access to information. As your IT experts supporting exploration, land, and environmental work, we've created a central source for ANWR 1002 data.

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Custom Application Development

Data Analysis and Management

We build databases, integrations, data collection applications, and visualizations so your data is useful and accessible. We provide quality control, data distribution, data integrity, and data standardization so your data is reliable.

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GIS Development, Analysis, Integration

From mobile development to web portals, from dashboards to analysis tools, from GIS to financial systems, we build custom solutions for your needs. Our tools support all of your permitting, reporting, and assessment needs.

We develop GIS for leasing and land ownership, exploration, environmental, permitting/regulatory compliance, pipeline, spill response, and more. With GIS your information is analyzed, organized, and communicated spatially, giving you deeper insights into your data.

Our Services

Incident Response

We have a wealth of experience working with environmental, engineering, and exploration teams throughout Alaska.

We've built environmental, lease ownership, oil development, pipeline, and other GIS, and supported environmental habitat and facilities mapping.


Exploration, Land, Environmental

We've supported pipeline operations with high consequence area analysis, engineering data management, risk assessment models, GIS, linear infrastructure, and more.

Since 1989, we've managed GIS and database response teams for Exxon-Valdez, Deepwater Horizon, and other incidents. We’ve worked on all phases of the response process: from emergency planning to initial response, from clean up to post-spill analysis.

Production and Oil Fields

Our Work

Our teams have provided production database support, developed field ticketing tools, provided geophysical data management, spider maps, FLIR integration, and more.

Our Clients

When it comes to natural resources, oversight, infrastructure, logistical support, and environmental analysis, we've worked with most major players operating in Alaska.

Here are just of a few of the agencies and businesses we've been privileged to work with over the years.

How can we help?

Resource Data, Inc. is a custom software, GIS, and IT consulting company. Founded in Alaska in 1986, we got our start providing mining companies and Alaska Native corporations with database and mapping services related to natural resources. Today, we have nearly 200 employees and offer a range of skills and experience to meet your data, mapping, and software development needs.

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